Just North of the 45th

Salmon is Located Just North of the 45th Parallel

Picture of the 45th parallel sign - Salmon, Idaho is just North of the 45th parallel

You are probably wondering what Just North of the 45th means. Silver Cloud’s home base is in Salmon, Idaho, just north of the 45th parallel and halfway between the equator and the North Pole. Continue reading

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Play in Salmon Idaho

Make time to play in Salmon Idaho

Here are a few ways that we play in Salmon Idaho. Think about adding one of these fun activities before or after your river trip.

Explore the Sacajawea Center

tipis at the Sacajawea Center - play in Salmon idahoSalmon is the home of the Sacajawea Center, where you can learn more about Sacajawea, the other members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition and their experiences in the Lemhi Valley. In addition to the Interpretive Center, the grounds have hiking trails, tipi replicas and beautiful vistas of the Continental Divide.

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Father and Son Fishing

Best Steelhead Fisherman Contest

We took a father and son fall Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River last Saturday and you could feel their excitement before they ever stepped foot in the boat. 81 year old Kelly and his son, Greg, had been planning this trip for ten months – it was one they could mark off the bucket list. Little did we know that they had a best steelhead fisherman contest on the line.

beautiful fall day on the salmon river

One beautiful view on Kelly and Greg’s steelhead fishing trip

Greg sent me this email the following Monday: Continue reading

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Disconnect to Reconnect

Take a River Trip – Disconnect to Reconnect

We are connected in today’s world, stuck in a barrage of texts, social media, email and the internet that demands constant attention. We operate 24/7 on information overload and it shows: our tech-hungry population is distracted and overwhelmed. It is time: disconnect to reconnect with loved ones and world around you.

Consider this: if your head is always down, you miss what is going on in the world around you. If you clear your life of distractions periodically, you become a better partner, parent, business owner, employee and friend.

texting on a smart phone - Disconnect to Reconnect

Lift your head up and reconnect

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Dutch Oven and Craft Beer Dinner

Dutch Oven Craft Beer Dinner With Local Foods

We love good food and drink and jumped at the opportunity to raise money for one of our favorite local non-profits, Salmon Valley Stewardship, by offering a Dutch oven craft beer dinner using local foods for auction. Chris and I teamed with Jeff and Gina Knudson and Kristin Troy to produce a feast for the auction winners.

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German Sausage Making

Summer Sausage and German Sausage Making Fest

Even though we live in a remote place, Salmon is home to a lot of foodies. It is not unusual to eat an entire meal made from local ingredients paired with locally made beverages. This past weekend we attended the annual German Sausage Making fest at former Silver Cloud owners, Jerry and Terry Myers’.

stuffing homemade sausage - German sausage making

Ron, Jody and Jason stuffing the casings

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Nanny and Kid

Mountain Goat Sighting

Last Friday, we traveled up Lost Trail pass to go to a really fun yurt dinner for Valentine’s Day. It was dumping snow all the way up and throughout the night. We were so excited to round a hairpin turn and see this beautiful nanny and kid on the side of the road. This was definitely our first mountain goat sighting from a short distance.

nanny and kid mountain goat sighting

We were less than 15 ft. away – what an amazing sight!

From the looks of the nanny and kid, these two mountain goats were exhausted from trying to navigate in the deep snow. As we sat there watching, the nanny’s chest was heaving from her efforts to get to where they were. Cars started to stop on both sides of the road since mountain goats are not a common site so close to humans and traffic. I just hope that the nanny was able to get her kid to safety.

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Are Rafting Adventures Good for You?

Four Reasons Why Whitewater Rafting Makes You Happy

Rafting makes you happy by reducing stress and increasing well-being. Spending time in a physical environment where you are not bombarded with the daily pressures of life is equally exhilarating and calming. You can escape to a place where the phone does not ring and the computer does not beckon. Pretty soon you have taken off your watch and do not really care what time it is anymore. Guides call this the transition to ‘river time’ as in, “we are on river time now.”

beautiful morning on the Salmon River - rafting makes you happy

Early morning below the South Fork on the Salmon River

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Reconnect On The River

It’s Time to Reconnect on the River

When was the last time you made time to reconnect with your family and friends? Like most, your life is probably busier than ever – even with all of the electronic gadgets we have to save time. What do we do with all of that saved time? If you are like me, you cram more stuff on your To Do lists. there is no time like the present to reconnect on the river with loved ones.

dads and daughters on Salmon River raft trip - reconnect on the river

Dads and daughters reconnecting while cooling off in Bull Creek on the Salmon River

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They’re Here…Steelhead

The Steelhead Are Biting in Salmon, Idaho

I ran into Loren Anderson, avid steelhead fisherman and guide, at the gas station about an hour ago. I looked up from filling my tires and spotted him making a beeline for me. It was fall and I had a feeling he was going to tell me that the steelhead are biting in Salmon, Idaho.

beautiful fall day steelhead fishing on the Salmon River- steelhead are biting in Salmon Idaho

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Idaho Steelhead Species Profile

This Idaho Steelhead article is reprinted from the Idaho Fish and Game website

Idaho Steelhead Species Profile

Steelhead are a native type of rainbow trout that are anadromous. Anadromous means they spawn in freshwater streams, go to the ocean to grow, and return to fresh water as adults. They are common to the Clearwater, Snake and Salmon Rivers.

Idaho’s A-run steelhead are most commonly found in the Snake and Salmon rivers. Their return from the ocean usually starts between June and August and most often they return after spending one year in the ocean. A-run steelhead weigh 4 to 6 pounds and are generally 23 to 26 inches in length.

Salmon River Idaho steelhead

B-run steelhead caught on the Salmon River

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