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Salmon River Charters

Salmon River charters offer a great rafting trip for the most memorable family reunion, wedding, birthday, graduation or celebration ever. You can charter an entire trip, dates listed below, with a group of 17 or more. Charters qualify for a 10% discount on all adult fares. Therefore, you must book your group as one party and on one invoice. Finally, you must pay your deposit and balance payment in a single check, no individual payments. Call Mary to schedule at (877) 756-6215.

Custom Salmon River Charters

Custom Salmon River charters give you a personalized vacation designed around your needs. Trip length can vary from 4-6 days and, you have the option of camping or spending each night in rustic lodges on the river. We’ll help you plan the trip of your dreams. Fares based on party size, length of trip and camping or lodging option chosen. Nonprofit groups can charter an entire trip for a special rate, please call for the nonprofit price.

The trip was gorgeous and the service excellent! Nice work!”
Walt Javins, Missoula, MT

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2018 River Trip Launch Dates

June 20,   June 28

July 6,   July 14,   July 22,   July 30

August 7 (sorry not available for charter),   August 15,   August 23 (sorry not available for charter),   August 31

Spring and Fall Custom Rafting Trips

Here are some of the reasons why you will want to schedule a custom raft trip outside of our peak summer season. First, we will design a specialty trip specifically for you. Also, these off-season vacations allow us to take your group during a time when the canyon is unusually quiet. Another plus is we can offer trips from 4-6 days long to suit your schedule and give you the option to camp or stay in rustic lodges along the river. Finally, great wildlife viewing and an empty canyon are yours to enjoy. Fares based on party size (four minimum, 23 maximum), length of trip and camping or lodging option chosen. Let us help you plan the trip of a lifetime in May, early June, September or October. Call Mary to schedule at (877) 756-6215.

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