Raft Trip FAQs Answered

You can find the answers to Salmon River raft trip FAQs here. This page will help you plan for your rafting vacation and let you know what to expect on Idaho’s Main Salmon.

That was really a magical trip. We certainly enjoyed it and will treasure many wonderful memories."
Kim Leatham & Robert Steiner, Bainbridge Island, WA

Answers to Raft Trip FAQs – Packing

  • Use ziploc bags to ensure items are waterproof.
  • Use soft duffels to pack your personal clothes in. Include several plastic bags to store wet items in your bag on the river.
  • Cotton does not keep you warm when wet! Do not plan to wear cotton on the river unless it is to keep you cool on a very hot day.
  • Pack quick dry (non-cotton) shorts and shirts.
  • Sun hats, sunscreen and sunglasses are a must! Be sure to put your sunscreen in a ziploc.
  • Small pillows work great for sleeping comfort.
  • Bug spray is needed at a couple of camps on the river. Be sure to put your bug spray in a ziploc.
  • Check Silver Cloud’s Blog for more tips on packing.

Answers to Raft Trip FAQs – Menu

  • We serve three delicious meals per day plus an appetizer before dinner.
  • We specialize in Dutch oven cooking and are proud of the signature dishes we serve.
  • Fresh water is always available.
  • Fresh fruit and veggies are included in every meal.
  • Juice, coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate are served at breakfast.
  • Lemonade is always available at camp.
  • Craft beer and wine are served with dinner. Coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate are also available.
  • Two complimentary canned beverages per person, per day are provided. We pick the kinds of beverages we bring – if you like something special – please bring it.
  • You are welcome to bring additional canned beverages, wine, liquor or canned beer. We can store them in the dry boxes and coolers on the boats.
  • We always have ice for cocktails.
  • Expect a full bodied cup of coffee each morning.

Answers to Raft Trip FAQs – Hygiene

  • Bring baby wipes for quick cleanup jobs.
  • Sponge baths are easy and make you feel like a million bucks! The guides will show you how to use a bucket of water above the high water mark to wash and shampoo.
  • You can bring a solar shower or use the sponge bath method above.
  • Bandanas make great wash cloths!

Answers to Raft Trip FAQs – Ladies

  • Make sure you bring moisturizing lotion.
  • Bring cleaning items that don’t require a lot of space and are quick to use. Pack them in ziplocs.
  • Swimsuits: a sports type 2 piece works well and is convenient. Female guides often use a sports bra coupled with quick dry shorts.
  • Personal hygiene: the female guides on the crew can offer simple tips for disposal of feminine hygiene products. Ziplocs are a great help!

Hand wash system & outdoor toilet - raft trip FAQsFAQS – Toilets

  • Pack it in, pack it out! We pack out all solid waste.
  • Toilets are portable, heavy duty metal containers fitted with a toilet seat when set up at camp. Toilets are only used for solid waste. Pee in the river or above the high water mark. Our guides will show you the best spots.
  • Toilets are set up in a secluded scenic spot away from eating and sleeping areas. You can enjoy a beautiful view!
  • A custom hand wash system with soap is set up on the trail to the toilet area.
  • A paddle is placed near the hand wash area. The paddle is taken to the toilet so that others know when the toilet is occupied. The paddle is returned to the hand wash area afterwards to signal the toilet is available for use.

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